Look around SF and your sure to see some hungry homeless. There are plenty of mouths that would love to be fed the food that gets thrown away daily . This app addresses the food waste problem by diverting trash bound food goods towards people that want /need it . This app also provides the sort of financial incentive that is realistically required to drive any sort of meaningful socially responsible initiative by taking advantage of the federal ReFed program which gives a generous tax deductions for donated food.

What it does

By broadcasting the location of free food , scraps and biofuel this app invites others nearby to come collect food that would otherwise be thrown away . Restaurants or individuals indicate the location where they will make food available. Anyone nearby is welcome to the food items . Donations can be as small as a bag of fries leftover from a meal, to something as big a gallons of frier oil to be reused as fuel . Donators benefit by building up tax deductions through every donation . Their donations are stored on a blockchain which maintains records infinitely .

How I built it

I used tom tom's api for the mapping, heres location api for live location, agora for messaging, and near for the blockchain

Challenges I ran into

storing info on a blockchain is not so simpo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I already used this app in its most primitive form to provide food to a homeless person!

What I learned

The government offers free phones to low income individuals. They also offer almost 100% match on tax deductions for food that is donated

What's next for Good Goods

Clean up the front end and then inform the public - FREE FOOD!

Built With

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