There is high transaction cost and administrative burden which makes it difficult for companies, especially small businesses, to engage their customers in their charitable donation process. In addition, there is a large number of customers but small donation amount for each customer resulting in high transaction fees.

Also, there is no good solution for engaging customers in the donation process and charity giftcard cards have an overhead of 3~5%. There is also lack of transparency and a Company’s claims of charitable donations are hard to verify.

Hence GoodDeeds

A decentralized application platform which lowers transaction costs increase transparency and in addition, also makes it easier for companies to engage with their customers. Companies can buy donation tokens from us (1 USD = 1 token) via Paypal and give it to their customers and their customers can also give it to their friends or favorite charity. The companies will also have the option to see where the donated tokens went.

We built the back end using solidity(ERC20), truffle and web3 and the front end with reactjs, materialize, html5 and css3.

In terms of challenges, User onboarding is probably our greatest challenge as well as integrating the front end with the back end.

We are proud that were able to create a functional decentralized application in the weekend. We learned integrating front end with back end as well as the difficulties of creating a start up.

What's next is making it simple for donation tokens to transfer to individuals without access to ethereum

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