More than one million people in San Diego are affected by allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases. We created the "Good Days" app so San Diegans with these afflictions will be better able to plan for upcoming days. For instance, one San Diegan, knowing that a bad day is coming, is able to plan ahead and pack his prescription lotion and as a result is able to have a happy, productive day instead of a day of discomfort. Another San Diegan can plan her meetings with clients on a good days, and days which aren't as good she can know to work from home. As a result, the productivity and quality of life for both of these individuals is greatly improved.

"Good Days" is simple to use. Just click on an icon that depicts how you are feeling today (good, bad or ok) and then you are able to click on "Forecast" to get your personalized five day forecast. You can input answers to questions about your condition when you start using the application and these answers are used as the starting point for your personalized predictions. You can provide additional information about your wellness in the Journal. As you use the application, this additional information will be used to provide more and more accurate predictions.

Over time, "Good Days" learns what contributes to good days and triggers bad days. The app is based on artificial intelligence techniques including data mining and predictive analytics. We use data supplied by the City of San Diego, including ozone, pollution, weather, and microzones throughout the county. This data, combined with the geo-location and user input, serves as the input for the personalized prediction model.

The "Good Days" app is available on both iOS and Android.

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May you only have "Good Days" ahead!

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