We say some photos of a canal in birmingham, which inspired us to make a sustainable project based around the water & ducks! We also knew that there was a lot of fly tipping in the area (commonly around these water areas) which made u want to combine these interesting subjects.

What it does

It gives a notification to users that are near to reports of fly tipping, they get points & customisations for collecting the fly tipping

How we built it

we used bootstrap studio to create the front end HTML webpages, then served them using dynamic data from an SQL database using the Django web framework

Challenges we ran into

The user authentication system had to be expanded to include the additional parameters like users phone numbers which are used by Twillio to notify users of fly tipping reports

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our front end design has cohesive branding and is very accessible to all users

What we learned

We all improved our development skills especially those that started front end development for the first time as a part of this project

What's next for Good-D-uck-Ba-D-uck

The world! Step 3: PROFIT.

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