Teachers today have to do a lot of guesswork with their curriculum - with standardized tests determining school funding and teacher pay, we wanted to eliminate some of that guesswork. Goobla Academy is an analytics-driven platform that allows instructors to assess their curriculum's coverage of TEKS and their students' understandings of each learning target.

What it does

Goobla Academy provides teachers with per-TEK insights into how their students are doing. By improving their insight into remote students' performance, teachers can catch issues and connect with students that are falling behind before any negative impacts are realized.

How we built it is a Vue.js app styled with Tailwind CSS that is continuously deployed from our GitHub repository into S3. From there, the app is then distributed by CloudFront. is a Flask (Python) server that runs on a t2.micro EC2 instance. We have a few routes that we have set up that integrates with Amazon's NoSQL DynamoDB service that serves data to the Vue app.

Put simply, is the site that we will be pitching while is our API that will be doing all of the heavy lifting.

What we learned

We learned a lot of new technologies! None of us were familiar with DynamoDB at the start and most were beginners with Flask (Python) and Vue.

Built With

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