Conway's Game of Life

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What it does

It's game of life, but with a slimey twist.

How we built it

We checked up on the rules of the original Game of life and then coded it in unity from nothing. Then we integrated some fun looking tech into our project.

Challenges we ran into

Coding even the most basic of games can host much challenges. In this case, we spent most of our time on debuging our initial code, and on optimising our algorithums so that it's less taxing on my computer. (and yes, it is taxing, for just a game of life.)

Integrating already developed tech into our project is the second challenge. It is surprisingly difficult given the lack of knowledge and control over it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually managed to get it done, despite the difficulties.

It works beautifully(well, sort of), and it's fun to look at.

What we learned

Though challanging, coding is indeed very fun! That feeling when your ideas come to reality really does compensate for the long hours of hard work!

What's next for Goo simulation based on the Conway's Game of Life algorithm

it will take alot of optimising to get it fully functional/playable. Currently it is incrediblely slow, running at a sad 9fps on my com. It is still interesting to look at though, and you can somewhat interact with it by clicking on the grid, but better scripting is still a must.

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