In the information overload era, attracting people's attention has become harder than ever. With +3B gamers in the world, gaming is one of the biggest attention keepers on earth. Another big brain attractor is money. We think that digital assets and social media allow for a new distribution paradigm where the long-tail is financially incentivized to shill their favorite projects.

We thought that leveraging these forces to make a decentralized distribution machine based on gaming and digital assets would be a great idea – several existing markets involved here (game shows, interactive marketing, betting, matchmaking, …) + if done well, community-owned projects (sacrificing centralization) have proven to be a thing (incentives of masses aligned = social movement = difficult to replicate business). Introduce the GMI platform.

What it does

Gonna Make It is a community-owned brand with the mission to enable new experiences on existing games through

The idea is to build a media and entertainment business. will provide the tooling to bet and create challenges on existing games and the community-owned brand Gonna Make It will provide distribution of these creations for a premium through GMI social media channels.

Initially, will provide the following tools:

Challenge markets (CMs): anyone can create, invest and do challenges. These can be used for:

  • Marketing: anyone can reward challengees with product/brand-related crypto assets for playing games that amass multimillion user and viewer bases.
  • DeFi: liquidity providers can lock digital assets in a challenge to earn the challengees’ entry fees.

(see CMs first commercial

[1] e.g. Pass 100 rounds at COD Zombies to win a Monkee. Entry price: $100.

Multiplayer engine (ME): anyone can bid anything s/he/they want to challenge anyone to play a game/tournament. Solana smart contracts (programs) based on the results will distribute the digital assets accordingly among participants. This can be used for Marketing and/or Betting purposes.

[2] e.g. MonkeDAO bets “$500 GMI/player + worst-performing DAO player’s NFT” that they beat ThugDAO at counterstrike. Digital assets will distribute according to the results.

[3] e.g. Someone bets $1M (1 rock, 1 punk, 1 SMB, 1 Degen and 1 Thug) that s/he wins @MrBeast playing Clash Royale.

Play2mint (P2M): a new way to mint that favors the average Joe. Anyone can use this tool to drop their NFTs avoiding frontrunning and server overload. Further, GMI will be no-rug only, so people can mint comfortably. To mint NFTs, collectors will have to play a game and achieve the minimum required.

e.g. P2M will allow the following procedure for projects' mints :

  • Play2mint price = P. Play Y game's challenges to have the right to mint a hand for P.
  • Normal mint = 5xP. Pay 5xP to mint. Challenges will keep getting harder as time goes by.

The previous tools can be used as building blocks to develop new games and experiences. Want to bring people together for something special? Use Gonnamakeit’s ME, CMs, and P2M capabilities on top of your audience’s favorite games to design your ideal game/experience in a shared virtual space! See Handy Game to understand how can be leveraged for setting up your game/experience.

How we built it and how are we going to go to market

@gmi_dao’s built Clash Royale challenges markets on Solana devnet.

The MVP’s ME and CMs will be offered to DAOs, marketers, others alike as alternative marketing, entertainment, and recruiting tools. The P2M capability will be offered to highly demanded NFT minting events to overcome the shortcomings of current mints (frontrunning, server overloads, rugs…) in a format that we think retailers will love - stay tuned.

We are working on Handy Game to showcase how people can leverage gonnamakeit’s capabilities to build personalized games, experiences, and marketing with ME, CMs and P2M.

Handy Game



Phase 1


Phase 2




---Gonna Make It aims to be the greatest community-owned brand on earth. To do so, GMI will start by dropping GMI and WAGMI tokens to GMI’s users and contributors.

GMI is's utility token - this token serves to:

  • Balance the fair value of the bet (collateral)
  • Discount to pay for featured posts / sponsorships
  • Discount to play challenges
  • Discount to provide liquidity to challenges (100% APY???)
  • Earn % of GonnaMakeIt revenue
  • ...

WAGMI is's governance token - this token will serve to vote on:

  • New marketing campaign deals
  • GMI influencer program
  • New game integrations (e.g. future game integrations – if there is a group super good at LOL, they will want this game to be integrated ASAP to be able to challenge other teams in playing this game)
  • New game modes (customized SCs allow for game modes)
  • New official tournaments
  • NFT pricing mechanisms to match fair value of bets

Article explaining GMI and WAGMI tokens in-depth: coming soon

What's next for Gonna Make It

Handy Game.

The Handy Game will be an open Clash royale challenge race built on top of's CMs.

The idea is to use the Handy Game as a marketing and fundraising tool - if successful, we will be investing the money in making Gonna Make It the biggest community-owned brand on earth. If not, we will iterate strategies until we achieve PMF.

Stay tuned.

[1] e.g. Pass 100 rounds at COD Zombies to win a Monkee. Entry price: $100. People already do these without prizes...

[2] e.g. MonkeDAO bets “$500 GMI/player + worst-performing DAO player’s NFT” that they beat ThugDAO at counterstrike. Banner

Digital assets will distribute according to the results. Banner

[3] e.g. Someone bets $1M (1 rock, 1 punk, 1 SMB, 1 Degen and 1 Thug) that s/he wins @MrBeast playing Clash Royale. Banner

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