We felt there was missing a way how to inform yourself about events and activities taking place near you, especially these ones you're interested in.

What it does

We build a web application showing you a map with all events and activities taking place around you and throughout Germany.

One major feature of GONNA GO is that it shows events (and activities) you're interested in.

You have the possibility to search for events and activities by an spotlight-like search. It does not only provide you with events and activities that are happening right now, but it also gives you the possibility to plan your week by seen what is going to happen the next 7 days.

How we built it

GONNA GO is a web app build with standard web technologies. To show the map - and corresponding objects - we used the leaflet.js library.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us weren't from the web technologies field and so there was a lot of learning, trying, failing and trying even harder. But at the and we have really sleek app, that features a stunning design as it has a real working functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Branding (Design, Logo, stuff)
  • Possible Business Model
  • Holding a working app in our hands (with (nearly) all features we wished it had)

What we learned

  • We learned a lot about web technologies and how maps work (geography and stuff).
  • Sticking together as a team and holding us awake each other while catching bugs.

What's next for GONNA GO

Our next steps would be to retrieve data not only for Regensburg and Aachen (the cities we've chosen for the demo) but for all of Germany. Furthermore we would like to make the app adapting to the users interests and preferences.

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