Are you tired of checking 10 different online sources just to find interesting local events? We are too. Do you want a personalized solution that makes your real (non-digital) life more social? Look no further. The answer is here and it is GongLocal.

GongLocal allows you to easily find events that are interesting to YOU. Pick your mallet of interest (fun, civic, biz) and hit the gong. We’ll show which events resonate with you. Personalize your mallets to suit your specific interests and preferences. Also, tune your gong by using it regularly, improving event recommendations. And there's more! Know of an interesting event coming up? Share it by creating the event on

In the future, if the City of San Diego's Special Events data could be provided in real time, then this would improve access citizen access to event information.

By creating an intuitive local event ecosystem, GongLocal facilitates your social spontaneity. Get ready. You're going local like never before with GongLocal.

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