Inspiration: Every farmer deserves to be rewarded for their hardwork but this is not the case because middle men in the industry do take away a very huge (about 60 -70%) margin of their gain to help them sell their quality products

What it does: Gonana helps connect these farmers directly to customers and retain at least 90% of what the middle men would have taken from them. It also gives them an option to receive their payment in crypto there giving them an opportunity to also trade/hold crypto as a store of value.

How we built it: Gonana is a DApp that is deployed on the Moonbeam protocol as the main protocol for the application. We used other tools for the development of the DApp like React Native, Solidity, Typescript, Node.js

Challenges we ran into: We had limited developers to help in implementing most of the DApp features so it took us longer time to develop. We also couldn't pay for most of the services because we were self funding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We have a live MVP on google play store that 45 active testers are testing every new update for bugs.

What we learned: We need to have all the experience before starting any project. We can start from anywhere and we will learn as we proceed.

What's next for Gonana: We are looking at launching Gonana as soon as we are done with development and testing.

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