gomua submission:

gomua is a command line mail user agent written in go.

why: Because it was fun. Also, command line!

features completed: -parse a maildir folder and display messages -view a message -reply to a message -print a helpful message -mark messages ‘read’ -colored message list

features not completed: -message threading -cache of recently seen messages

usage: Get the mua: go get

Configure the mua: copy the config file from $GOPATH/src/ to ~/.gomua/gomua.cfg Edit the gomua.cfg file and add the full path to your maildir (a test maildir is provided at $GOPATH/src/

Run the mua: $ mua

future: -finish non-completed features

Originally we wanted to be able to parse a large (50,000 messages) maildir quickly, but once we started working on things there were other pieces that ended up being more interesting to work on so we decided to put that optimization off until after we had a proof-of-concept up and running. In the future, we’d still like to be able to open a large maildir very quickly however.

Built With

  • brains
  • coffee
  • go
  • nosleep
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