What if you could make your life a ride?

Inspired by the initiatives of BMW Motorrad, we want to encourage riders to make life a ride. We want riders to not only feel motivated to ride frequently but also navigate the roads with friends, safety, and freedom.

How It Works

GoMoto promotes a seamless user interface where riders can actively share and monitor their motorcycling experiences via Android's Moto 360 smart watch, an Android smartphone, and a web site. Once the mobile application is launched on the Android smartphone device, it is mounted to the motorcycle dashboard to take pictures at any given moment. Android's Moto 360, which is worn while riding and integrated with the mobile application, reads the rider's heartbeat at high fluctuating levels. Then on the web site, the pictures, heartbeat, and ride history can easily be viewed and shared with your friends and family to encourage others to go out riding. Please note a Moto 360 smart watch and Android smartphone are required for GoMoto.

Challenges Experienced

It was our first time working with machine learning, integration with the Moto 360's heartbeat sensor, Microsoft Azure, Polymer, and several innovative technologies. Through spending many hours with these innovative technologies, we now understand how to utilize them for mobile and web applications.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

We were able to successfully develop a mobile and web application for the BMW Motorrad challenge while integrating several innovative technologies.

What We Learned

We primarily worked with Android/Android Wear, JavaScript, CSS, machine learning, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and several innovative technologies. Some of us were new to working with these technologies, and it was a great getting to learn more about them. Additionally, we learned to work as a team and delegate tasks to successfully create GoMoto.

What's Next for GoMoto

We plan to continue gathering more data to improve machine learning algorithms so that we can further optimize user experience before, during, and after the ride. Additionally, we would like to integrate live video streaming in the future; however, due to the time constraints we were not able to add these features. More features coming soon!

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