As the name depicts, the project revolves around Internet of Things(IoT), an umbrella term, which is basically bunch of devices communicating and storing data through the internet. Every device generates some sort of data all the time, these data if well filtered, can be used for further analysis to get valuable insights.

What inspired you

The concept of bitcoin which represents a powerful way of proof of existence and an immutable storage called blockchain which is distributed.

How can these data be distributed, fail-proof and redundant?

Say hi to blockchain. We use blockchain, the underlying technology that runs bitcoins to do the job. To put things short, block chain is a technology which is decentralized and distributed, everyone in the network contains all the information about the data when ever there is a new transaction that takes place in the network. This way, we eliminate decentralized system and increase redundancy of data. WIN-WIN.

Target user?

It can be any one who would want to use the blockchain technology and be distributed. A healthcare firm? Yes, they can inturn connect their devices to the blockchain network and hence not worry about losing data. hey remember, is it still encrypted! an energy firm? Absolutely, Send filtered data to the network, analysed later would give important insights. Smart homes, where the raspberry pi hardware can be extended for a purpose to control temperature. This equipment can be put in datacenters to measure the temperature of servers and the facility itself.

Why do we use go?

We use go because of two simple reasons

  • It is awesome
  • It really is awesome.

on a serious note, Go can be used effectively because of its concurrency and low memory usage. When there are way too many devices trying to talk to each other, or to a main network, concurrency comes in handy. Writing code in go is a breeze!

What key features are you most proud of ?

We are proud of the action based approach which results in an elegant server built using go. The blockchain to store transactions via smart contract of devices is something we are fascinated to have hacked. The ethereum isn't stable yet, hence we plan to fork and make it usable.



Team/Github handle:

  • Kishorekumar Neelamegam @indykish
  • Thomas Alrin @thomasalrin
  • Raj thilak @rajthilakmca
  • Yeshwanth Kumar @morpheyesh
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