An idea of turning all cars to be a smart car by installing an OBD device or T-box which can capture car data and driving behavior, and also some features of those cars can be controlled remotely, such as, car doors can be unlocked remotely for car sharing renters. All data generated from cars are kept on blockchain in someway. for example, ERC20 is used for rewards and payments, ERC721 is used for digital assets, ERC725 is used for identities.

What it does

goloCars app offers the features of car sharing, token rewards, payments, identity verification, trace of lifetime of cars and etc.

How I built it

We applied the blockchain technology into the old version golo App. Now the new version, goloCars, has above features.

Challenges I ran into

The system is massive. We faced on hardware, software and new technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Car owners can share their cars in spare time. People drive cars safer as there are rewards and their driving behavior is captured.

What I learned

Car data can be used for so many ways.

What's next for Golo Cars

We are planning to make goloCars to be compatible with other devices (third-party OBD devices, T-box or pre-installed t-box). And also, data captured by goloCars can be used for other fields such as traffic-solving, smart-city, environment and etc. .

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