The Whence, What, How, Oh-No(!), Phew(!), Aha(!), and Hmm...s of Goliath:

Whence (Inspiration) ✨

We are highly interested in finance and particularly stocks. We watched Shark Tank just the other day and wondered "hmmm, can we build an online Shark Tank?" An invitation from PantherHacks played a perfect catalyst and hence we decided to test our coding and finance knowledge to make our web app, Goliath. Named after the giant in the legend of David and Goliath, the web app signifies the glorious path destined for innovative entrepreneurship. Our logo represents the path of every successful venture on a never-ending road.

Whats (it does) 💸

Our app is a funding app. It consists of two main components: the innovators and the investors. The investors and the innovators both have to verify their accounts by linking one of their retail trading/bank accounts to their Goliath accounts. This enables us to authenticate their accounts. There are two main pages in our app: on the first one are visible the various innovations that require funding, and on the other is the list of our investors. All the projects are visible to the investors. If an investor is interested by a particular project, he can contact the project's innovator through the in-built chat system. However, to see the trivialities and details of the project, the investor will have to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with the innovator, to prevent malpractices. Once contact is successfully established between the two parties, they can both schedule a meeting together directly through our app, wherein the elevator pitch can be delivered even more efficiently. The innovation details visible to the public include an overall review and the elementary pitch video of the innovation, apart from the name of the innovator. However, the builds, components, and finer details of the project are kept confidential until the investor agrees to the NDA terms and conditions. The innovator, themselves can add a 'review' request to a particular investor so that he can draw his attention towards him.

Thus, Goliath, in a nutshell, is an equity-purchasing web app, specifically aimed at providing funding for budding start-ups.

Hows (we built it) 🛠

We have built Goliath with love and pride. Just kidding. Goliath was built mainly with Flutter and Firebase. We designed the UI using tools from Figma. All logos, promotional titles, etc. were self-designed.

'Oh No!'s (Challenges we ran into) 😰

This was our first time venturing into anything finance, and well it truly made us learn why swimming in a Shark Tank can prove to be lethally challenging (pun intended). Figuring out the requirements in order to incorporate payment options proved to be quite challenging. And implementing the designed UI into an ooh(!)-this-webpage-does-not-break-down website was quite challenging.

'Phew!'s (Accomplishments that we're proud of) 😮‍💨

Finishing the project in time— this was our most complexly designed and programmed hack till now. It required plenty of graphics and time on UI/UX Designing and then programming to create a visually aesthetic website. But the good thing is that we could wrap everything off quite well at the end of the day (literally, the time of submission was 8 PM in our time zone).

'Aha!'s (What we learned) 🙄💡

Pretty much everything about finance and User Interface designing... and time management.

'Hmm...'s (What's next for Goliath) 🤔

Though we have added an option for the investors to fund the startup directly from the app, yet, the option does not function in all the regions, as it turns out, online payment interfaces, terms and conditions, and regulations are different in different regions. Hence, the payments feature is currently functional only in certain regions of the world (South-East Asia, specifically India; residing in India, we could figure out the payment interface with relative less difficulty, and only for small amounts, ranging to about 10$, as building a secure gateway for larger transactions would have taken HUGE time). We plan to roll out the feature internationally and launch a mobile app for Goliath, as currently, it is strictly a web app. We also plan to roll out an option that will enable innovators to set a funding/time limit after which they can feel safe to start an IPO and listing procedures.

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