We had minimal hardware and wanted to be creative with it!

What it does

GolfVR is a VR simulation of golf where the player uses a selfie stick and a iPhone as a club to hit the virtual golf ball!

How we built it

We built it with the iPhone accelerometer which was sent to a Node.js websocket server which communicated with the Unity client. This allowed for seamless data transfer between the selfie stick and the VR simulation. Next we utilized different physics algorithms that took the raw data and processed it into virtual physics in Unity. Lastly, we hooked up the Oculus Lift and truly created an awesome VR experience.

Challenges I ran into

Xcode is very buggy. The swift socket client was a hassle to figure out. But after that, it was even a lot more difficult to have the data pass through a server and to the unity client. There was very little documentation which was a rough change. Developing the physics algorithms for smooth gameplay was also difficult because we had to normalize the values and do a lot with little data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did a lot in twenty-four hours!

What I learned

Unity scripts, Xcode debugging, Physics, WebSockets

What's next for GolfVR

A full fledged golf game.

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