Working with virtual reality (VR) and exploring how to develop games.

What it does

It uses virtual reality using an Oculus Rift to allow a user/player to view the perspective of a golf ball traveling through a maze.

How we built it

We watched and read a combination of different beginner tutorials to learn the languages of C# the Unity software to apply these concepts and integrate them into a functional game.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to make the Rift work for the first few hours of having it, and also tried using the Leap Motion sensor for a different project. We were unable to get the Leap Motion to work, and so we went back to working with the Rift. We also had a lot of difficulty downloading and installing programs and editors on a borrowed Dell XPS which was running Ubuntu. We were finally able to get it to work, and them ran into the following problems with C# and Unity: -adjusting the camera view and ball view (making camera move with ball) -transparent walls and a see-through ball, among other glitches -making controls work with the Rift (making the Rift follow the path) -A lip at the top of the ramp to the lookout tower

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-lookout tower in the center of the maze -various difficult turns -the overall final look of the game (We think it looks relatively clean)

What we learned

-Beginnings of programming in C# -How to use Unity -How to use the Oculus Rift -Various installation procedures in Ubuntu -How to color items in Unity

What's next for Golf Ball Maze

-We would like to continue to fix several glitches with it, including that the movement direction does not match the direction that the user is looking in the VR. -Create options for maze size, movement speed and difficulty -Create in-game instructions for the user.

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