Our team wanted to use our experience with AI and create a program that could utilize our programming skills. Golf was a great avenue to put in practice while also tailoring it to a feasible challenge.

What it does

Our AI finds the optimal path from the ball location to the goal while avoiding obstacles.

How we built it

Using concepts from AI course, we created a way for our ball to navigate boxes in a grid to the goal, using Greedy Best First Graph Search algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

Three major issues that we ran into were making sure our states would update according to all the possible moves, deciding how to visualize our grid, and have our colored-map generation display properly according to the assigned parameters.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although we took time to brainstorm our project, we were happy to finish in time and get satisfactory results.

What we learned

We got to improve our understanding of Python and AI Best First Search algorithm. We also learned how Jupyter Notebook works, as well as how best to put our idea to action.

What's next for golf-assist

We would like to incorporate computer vision with golf-assist to feed in dynamic input to the program. Additionally, come up with better approaches for the player by taking the elevation of the path in the account.

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