As an all TJHSST girls team, we were inspired to fix a problem we encounter in our TJ drama department; miscommunication.

What's in a name?

When our director compliments us she often uses the phrase "gold stars". As a tribute to our fond memories from TJ Drama, we decided to base our project, and our name, off of the iconic phrase.

What it does

goldstars is a web based application that functions as a centralized production management tool.

How we built it

HTML 5 was the main tech component using CSS and JavaScript to enhances the design of goldstars.

Challenges we ran into

After shifting from a mobile app to a web app we struggled with visualization and design of our project and could not narrow down the list of our desired functions. Besides struggling with sleep deprivation, we also faced problems with creating our own modules such as attendance sheet or deciding to embedding a google calendar. Transferring over programs from our various devices proved difficult to tie together in a project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working rehearsal overview after counsel from our mentor Pierce Stegman and Liam Rathke. The working bulletin/vision board with infinite "sticky" notes made us especially proud. Our favorite component is the picture of all of us in drama on our homepage.

What we learned

HTML: how to work in a team based setting to develop a market ready product. The importance of planning and asking for help.

What's next for goldstars

In the future, we will implement more features to aid in the productivity of the management team and utilize this application in our upcoming shows. We hope to create specific logins for each show in addition to making individualized pages for production team, actors, techs, etc. To improve our design goldstars could be hosted on a server rather than simply on Cloud9 and our attendance/calendar could be centralized on the website rather than embedded through google.

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