At UMich, the heaters never turn off.

Someone once said it takes 10 days to turn on or off the heating systems. But as we sweat through the heat, the air outside is frigid. What can we do?

Goldilocks fixes the problem - too hot and too cold is just right. Using SmartThings technology, a servo automatically opens and closes the window in varying degrees in response to the desired temperature, as the heater rages on.

Finally we have an automatic solution to our heating issues.

Technical aspects

We use a custom SmartApp and device manager to calculate the temperature differential on the hub. The hub communicates with the Arduino, sending commands to open (or close) the window certain distances as to achieve the desired temperature as quickly as possible without overshooting.

Our algorithm uses a modified PID loop to determine the how quickly the temperature is dropping in relation to actual temperature and desired temperature. The loop calculates how far the window should be open so that the temperature does not drop too quickly, and the hub sends a command to the Arduino which activates the servo.

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