Difficulty of parenting due to quarantine: Parental Burnout

Parental burnout is a state of stress and anxiety caused by intense parental role which causes emotional detachment from children and doubting its ability as a parent. There has been rising concerns of this issue due to COVID-19.

“There are several symptoms of this condition. One is a feeling of EXHAUSTION. With their kids at home 24/7, parents are so OVERWHELMED that they are having a hard time taking care of even the most basic duties.” (Source: McLean Hospital)

“And the mental health impact was higher in cases where parents were QUARANTINED WITH CHILDREN, the review found. One study found 28% of parents were experiencing ”TRAUMA-RELATED MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER." (Source: Axios)

”With teachers relegated to computer screens, parents have to play teacher’s aide, hall monitor, counselor and cafeteria worker — all while trying to do their own jobs under extraordinary circumstances." (Source: The New York Times)

So, our team decided to create an app to relieve the parental stress in order to improve parent-children relationship which will make quarantine life easier.

What it does

Goldilocks is an application that encourages children to learn responsibility and self-sustainability through gamified reward system, so parents can balance their professional life and their role as a parent amidst COVID-19.

To start, children signs up by submitting a wish list of 3 things which requires parents' approval afterward. Then, parents will choose one of the three and will assign 9 tasks for their children to complete which can be school work or house chores.

Kids will complete these tasks as a form of a quest and every time an assignment is finished, a sticker will be given. The chosen wish will be rewarded once 9 stickers are collected, in other words, when all the tasks given by the parents are accomplished.

How I built it

  • Used Flask to code Back-end
  • Used SQLAlchemy to organize Database
  • Used HTML, CSS and JS via webflow to create website ( front-end)

Challenges I ran into

  • connecting backend and frontend
  • setting flask

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was first time coding out a functional product for some of us!

What I learned

Acquiring new tools definitely became a big asset for our team members and it also became an opportunity to learn about parent burnout. It is an important issue that should be addressed more in our society since its consequences are crucial in family environment.

What's next for Goldilocks

Our team truly believes that Goldilocks is beneficial for family and friends and that it has a large potential since its use is not limited to the pandemic. Releasing the application by enhancing existing features and implementing new functions so it can be used in various fields would be most ideal.

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