The Hawaii Revised Statutes are important for the day to day runnings of our society so that we can work and prosper.

What it does

Instead of scrapping the data of the statutes. We decided to look at the heart of the problem. The way is it is stored and updated makes it very tedious for anyone to access them or even find consistency in the structure of the statutes. Our app strives to make the statutes easily accessible for the people as well as easily maintainable for the state.

How we built it

The project was built on Laravel 5.5.

Challenges we ran into

Making the app take full advantage of what laravel has to offer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for GoldenEye

  • Implementing a client side search bar.
  • Implementing a user login to bookmark statutes
  • Creating an administrative user that can edit and add new statutes, making the app a source of information rather than an app that scrapes from a legacy system.
  • Sharing and user feedback system that allows user of the app to voice their opinions to the developers to improve the app.

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