Coca Cola Xmas Jumper Generator Gift generator for EA Sports/Madden

How it works

  • Give a gift
    • Choose a Movie - Jurassic Park
  • Customise the Gift
  • Purchase and Send

Receive a gift

  • Digital Giftbox
  • View the movie
  • Enjoy your digital entertainment experience....

Challenges I ran into

Fragmentation of devices and platforms email spam filters geo-blocking

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

wider application of the concept, beyond the initial idea sharing the idea and seeing it being worked on ...with a passionate team

What I learned

pro's and con's of apps versus responsive websites

What's next for Golden Ticket

global domination....every platform, every device, everywhere

Built With

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posted an update

Hi Guys,

( sorry I need to leave to help look at children :-) but I will be on Skype in a couple of hours. )

I am happy to help with the mobile side but I would like to focus on some of the tech tonight, and I can wire the design together tomorrow.

The bits of tech

Watson -> recommendation personal based on twitter handle or test provided ->
This shows the options to buy 1/ Then they can chose the max amount that people would like to pay. 2/ Then the person can choose how they wish to purchase

ooVoo -> Allow the send to see the person opening the gift

My Skype details: petermichelsenuk

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