A lot of math.
 A lot of consideration for ourselves and our peers.
 A love for elegance. A  love for our fellow student body.

What it does?

 Helps you find the most elegant restrooms at FIU 
 Brings the FIU community together
 Builds trust within the student body

How we built it

 A lot of WIXardry
 JavaScript to incorporate user comments, ratings, site navigation, and manipulate the database.

Challenges we ran into

 Data collection
 Running around campus

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 There's NOT A SINGLE stock photo on this site. All captured and edited on-site.
 The UI is stunning.
 Deployment speed.

What we learned

 Teamwork makes the dream work.
 Wix Code allows for simple, quick to deploy solutions.

What's next for Golden Throne

 Completing our FIU catalog.
 Expanding to a school near you.
 Contribution/reputation point system.
 Up/Down voting on comments
 Color scheme dependent on registered school email

Built With

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