Many people spread their data on the internet without any concern. They often don't realize what is visible to foreigners. We are excited to know, how much data you can get just by the data of a job application.

What it does

Our idea is using the given input data and enriching it with data found on twitter, facebook, linkedIn, xing and Instagram.

How we built it

We're assuming that we have the data of an application. We're using this data to identify different profiles on the internet and crawling all available information to enrich the given data.

Challenges we ran into

It's hard to find the real profiles and even harder to work with all the edge cases (like different names on different accounts, no matching account at all, etc)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an awesome idea of what is possible and have a great base we can work on in the future.

What we learned

APIs sometimes aren't that easy to use, especially when you wanna use a wrapper. We also learned how easy it is, collect data which is spread on the internet.

What's next for Golden Profile

We have to keep working on our idea. We implemented the first step but we've got a whole bunch of improvements we wanna do. Like for example aggregating the data, use it for a second search process and analyze the output.

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