Make your ultimate way to get help.

Version 1.0

In Delhi, a city in India, traffic jam is a common problem. its quite worse during the office hours. It's hard to go through this huge traffic load. We all have to face this problem everyday. Countless time wasted because of this kind of situation. But In case of emergency, when every second counts between death and life, it is impossible to imagine to reach the destination easily and quickly. Due to this reason many unlucky people don't get help in the right time, as a result we lost valuable life.

According to the "Golden Hour" [1], if we can give proper treatment to a patient within 60 mins of being injured, there is a better chance to survive. But in a jam pack city, like Delhi, it is quite impossible to get proper treatment to the victim within Golden Hour. If we can make free way from the accident location to the hospitals or help centers then we may maintain the time period to ensure the help will be available for the patients or the injured person. Due to the lack of proper information about the accident or the patient current location traffic polices, logistics persons or volunteers are not able to make this free way.

So we come up with our app "Golden Path", for helping traffic polices, logistics persons or volunteers, to make the victim's ultimate way to get help.

Our application “Golden Path”, lets you make a request to the “Golden Path” Community. The main target of this apps is to make the necessary help available within the Golden Hour for the victims in the accident location or patients. Simply you just have to put a request using our app so that people in our community or other volunteer near to you can make the free way to the hospitals or to come for your help. People can use our application in emergency situation like medical emergency, accident etc. This application helps the traffic polices or the volunteers to find out the location where the help needed most. Our app also gives the google map location where the help is needed.

Use our application "Golden Path" to make the victim's ultimate way to get help in the accident location or the patient current location.


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