We will have 2 areas where software can help :

  • the injured has to enter his Personal Health Record (PHR) in order to obtain a perfect access to the application. once you have an OBD inserted in your car it will send your speed level to your smartphone. as soon as your smartphone detects your car crash, it will instantly:
  • Send SMS : the mobile phone will send text messages to 3 or more contacts registered in your PHR.
  • Activate NFC service : By bumping phones together, NFC lets you oversend your PHR to the other device either it was a passenger or a nurse.
  • Send PHR information : mobile phone will send the injured's PHR information putting an emphasis on the blood type to the nearest Trauma center.

    • The Trauma care center responsible will have a platform containing the occurred accidents
  • The platform will highlight the ACTUAL Traffic, guiding the ambulance to the less crowded route.

  • The website will also offer three different ways to reach the accident's place at time, by then, the hospital can choose the nearest and the fastest way in NEW DELHI city in order to avoid Traffic.

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