Our teammates came from different areas in the USA and ranged from different high school grade levels in which we were inspired to create an application that can connect high school students worldwide. We noticed how oftentimes the resources available in America differentiates to resources in other countries, and because of this issue, we wanted to address the education gap and language barrier students oftentimes encounter. It's been proven that geography affects one's quality of education due to the number of inadequate resources provided. We hope that with this website, we can use our resources, skills, and experiences to give back to the community and encourage students to feel prepared, confident, passionate, and successful in their high school journey.

What it does

Provides beneficial advice, insights, links to many opportunities (e.g. scholarships, internships, programs, courses), experienced high school students' reflections, and information about issues of unprivileged education. The website also provides volunteering opportunities for tutors who are interested in tutoring students and an application form for tutees to be tutored by. Lastly, our website has a language translator that highlights our overall idea of breaking the language barrier.

How I built it

We used an online coding application,, to build a website that consisted of using HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

We were unsuccessful in creating a sticky navigation bar and changing the navigation bar colors when one's mouse hovers over it for better interactivity. We also struggled with the functionality of the forms, however, despite the obstacle we encountered, we were able to finish the website with passion, success, pride, and empathy. No matter the outcome, we are happy we participated and were able to build on an idea that could potentially be further enhanced for future users to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were proud of creating the logo as it connects to our website title and theme, as well as the translating option we implemented. The logo displayed a golden key which symbolizes unlocking the resources and opportunities to help create your high school pathway. Along with the special components of our website, we were especially proud of our home page and the inclusivity of international students on our website. But most importantly, we were able to communicate with one another despite the time range zone which was something that truly resonated with us when developing the website. In bridging the education for a better world, this hackathon enabled us to give back to the community while learning the pursuit of computer science.

What I learned

We strengthened our understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript by seeking different codings we have never used. We also came closer to understanding how to build an interactive and sticky navigation bar, although some of the implementations were unsuccessful. Though developing the website itself was the utmost experience we all were able to grasp, we personally felt creating a platform that involves computer science and technology showcases how anyone is capable of making an impact for the community. Furthermore, creating this website empowered us to continue fulfilling our passion in the STEM field, more specifically computer science. With the idea of how there is a gender barrier in the computer science field, our accomplishments, and our endeavors prove how anyone can pursue in anything if they set their minds to it.

What's next for Golden Guide

We hope to open up more editions to K-6 grade students, middle school students, and college students along with partner up organizations that would be willing to sponsor our website. We acknowledge that not all students are able to access the internet and with being said, we hope to create a non-profit organization that will fundraise money to provide resources for low-income or underprivileged students. In potentially seeing how far our website will go, we hope to see our website turn to an iOS app for better conveniences and potentially be written as a book. Though this is an aspiration, our website could potentially increase students' motivation to go to school and encourage first-generation students to attend college.

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