Today's consumer is becoming increasingly trapped in echo chambers that are being strengthened by biases in news media. We hope to address this problem and expose people to unbiased information.

What it does

Golden Gate is a Google Chrome plugin that identifies the key words relating to a news article and finds other news articles covering similar content. Then, using Google Cloud's sentiment analysis API, we analyzed the attitudes authors take toward their subjects. With this information, we inform users about bias in news articles similar to the one the user is currently reading. Furthermore, we also worked on contextualization, which essentially tries to read the current webpage and detect critical events and people which the user might not be aware about. Then, it displays information about these events and people in the chrome extension so that the user can access all the information without having to manually search it.

How we built it

We used react for the front end, integrating multiple API's including diffbot for web scraping, News API for finding other news articles, and Google Cloud NLP for calculating sentiment values. We also created a backend server using Node and Express for performing tasks such as keyword extraction.

Challenges we ran into

Not everyone on the team had experience in React or Javascript, so we had to learn quickly and adapt to challenges in syntax and understanding of how the technology works. We also had to deal with managing our expectations and setting realistic goals for what we could accomplish, even if it meant that we couldn't achieve some of our more technologically complex ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to introduce a low overhead method for disseminating important information about modern news media and gained a lot of good experience in Javascript and React.

What we learned

More advanced skills in Node.js and Javascript. Better understanding of React. Deeper understanding of sentiment analysis and natural language processing.

What's next for Golden Gate

We hope to move forward with some of the ideas we didn't get to implement as well as fine tune what we created at TreeHacks. This includes expanding the capabilities of contextualization to learn from the user's history and even performing similar analysis on videos. We think there is a lot of potential for this idea and that the need for services like it will only grow in the future.

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