We decided that we wanted to build a simple app that had some kind of utility for students here at WSU, but also one that could later be extended to be used elsewhere

Uses the google maps API to mark the location of the buildings on campus, which then have their bathrooms rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in certain categories

Temporarily, it is hosted on godaddy, using google maps, as well as some HTML and JS that we wrote for the page

Challenges we ran into: Working with Javascript

What we're proud of: Getting a website up and running with a domain name, figuring out JS

What we learned: Sometimes, elegant solutions can go by the wayside while you're still figuring out what exactly you want to have

What's next for Golden Crapper: This app is still in development, and once it works for the WSU campus, we hope to have it be used for locations all across the US, mainly on all roads in the US, as a method of assessing the safety and cleanliness of rest stops throughout the nation.

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