Lawns and Gardens are the single largest use of water for homeowners. They account for over 50% of a home's water use. This "ideal" lawn is not part of the modern sustainable community. We want to ensure this remains true by creating a visual history of individual communities. This documentation will serve as a means to compare each community's individual past and their collective futures. We are a platform for users to snapshot gardens and lawns they find especially innovative and eco-friendly. Homeowners who go on a walk can go on a "scavenger hunt" for eco-friendly plants or sit back and catalog an especially pretty garden. This serves as a basis to rate a neighborhoods "eco-friendliness", which can be used to gather like minded individuals and encourage efforts to maintain a higher eco-friendly rating.

How it works

Gold District is a mobile app that helps creating lasting change in communities by providing a way to document, upload, and access a community's visual history. Users are encouraged to take pictures of their community's sustainability efforts. These pictures act as a visual history of a neighborhood. They are also a means to compare it's efforts to those of other communities as well as it's own past and future. When people go for a stroll, they can photograph lawns that they feel are representative of their community, and share that collective knowledge with others.

Challenges I ran into

It's tough to figure out ways to encourage positive habits over existing habits like "lawn shaming" and negative advertisement. We feel our efforts have created a clear means for people to both promote and engage with their community in a constructive way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have website, video, designs, story boarding, iphone app, and even backend servers to serve it all. These are all in spite of having a rapidly changing idea, informed by the opinions of many mentors(great resource!).

What I learned

The amount of water used in LA hasn't changed in 40 years. This is made possible by increasing the water efficiency of homeowners. We are trying to continue that effort by promoting increased water savings and sustainability efforts.

What's next for Gold District

Adding tips and the ability to explore not just the local area but across multiple districts. Maybe even allow entire neighborhoods to challenge other districts on eco-friendly garden and lawn renovations.

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