In today's society, the world is dominated by plastic and waste materials, they are in everything we touch, from our clothes to our medical equipment. A lot of the time people are unable to dispose of these wastes in their respective bin due to lack of information. So we thought about building an app that helps the community recycle and learn about saving the environment. Our app essentially has 4 main uses:

  1. Tells us how and where to recycle material.
  2. informs about local community service. 3.has a forum so people can voice concerns.
  3. everything gets updated so it is always recent. We built our app using swift. As we wanted an IOS-based app due to the fact that the majority of people own an iPhone. We also built a website to showcase it and a presentation. So as a team we ran into many challenges, the biggest of them being we didn't know swift and how to incorporate APIs. We spent 75% of our time learning swift and trying to incorporate the google map and google place APIs. We also had to make a contact us page and we didn't know PHP. We also had a problem as our FTP wasn't working as it should have. During the course of this hackathon, we made many accomplishments. The biggest one is working as a team. We are also proud of making an app in a language completely unknown to us. We learned that teamwork is not dividing work but doing it together. We also learned PHP and Swift to make an app. Most importantly we learned that there are tools like bootstrap to help us code. Going green app is a unique app. We would like to add better graphics to the app and give it a more friendly feeling. We would also like to make it for android. As for our website, we would like to add media queries so it is friendly with other devices. We hope you like our app and thank you for donating your precious time to judge us. We would also kindly ask you to visit our website.
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