What home-away can do more than vacation rentals? Creating a Home Away experience by creating a Home Away experience.

What we propose

We propose a partnership of HomeAway and Houzz to increase Customer Engagement and improve user experience. As houzz and Home Away share a large portion of their customer base.

What problem do we solve

Acquire more customers Get more average bookings per customer

How we made this proposition

We went through an eco-system approach. Aiming for a customer experience altogether, rather than just one booking. Also, we thought of ways to increase unique customers to Home Away and their engagement with Home Away.

Challenges we ran into

To come up with a model for and Home Away to partner with each other in such a way that it is a best bet for both the parties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a model which is beneficial for both the companies. Something both the parties can agree up on to.

What's next for Going beyond Vacations

Building an eco-system and experience for Home Away customers would be something we'll look forward to. Some other partnerships which Home Away can explore. Ex: Pinterest, TaskRabbit, Etsy etc.

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