The Current pandemic has lost million's of job employments opportunities ,which made us to create a social media networking platform providing job employment opportunities for every individual to begin their career ahead which mainly interacts,communicates and connects with people world wide.

What it does

Setting up a huge professional social media networking platform with professional standard reputed profile management system and providing job employment opportunity for every individual effectively with demand based digital economy for service businesses generating instant leads based on the standard profile to make finding pro’s to get their job done at a very ease and affordable rate also helping them find new customers & manage them.

How I built it

I used my idealogy to create a prototype of how the idea can be brought into product visualization using figma software tool.

Challenges I ran into

I faced challenges on how to develop a social media platform ,researched on 3 basis i.e Primary Research what problems do people face on job hiring process,how to get job effectively with people's insights and then secondary research on how ongoing websites are providing job employment opportunities for people with my idealogy to change the process.

Accomplishments that

I'm proud of bringing the idea of innovation of creating a profit consortium for 500+ HR Departments and generating instant leads in an effective way for buisnesses with maintaining a neat & manage all the ongoing , updated events with effective advocacy of standards , networks of professionals .

What I learned

How to deeply research into articles,graphs,models to bring an idealogy to create a difference in the ecosystem to create an social impact for the benefit of the people.

What's next for GOINCITE

Adding on many features as a social media platform to create more interactions ,develop 1000+ courses for direct course to job recruitments for freshers and job seekers which inturn increases the GDP rate of a country.

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