Go Home !

An app that takes you home!

The purpose of the application is to help people who are used to drinking a lot and want to feel safe when they are drunk.

The application currently supports two features, with the prospect of supporting more. These are:

  • Navigating through google maps to return the user to the home
  • sending a message to emergency contacts!

Initially the user is asked to set his home address. Then the user inputs the phones of people he trusts so that a message will be sent to their cell phone in case of need.

Once the above parameters have been defined, the application has a button that the user uses when he is drunk and can't return home. The app automatically sends the message to his contacts while opening the navigation to find his/her way home.

Future plans:

  • Analyze user's behavior to automatically activate some emergency actions
  • Extending this app for users with special needs (alzheimer)
  • Utilities for children when they get lost
  • Connecting the app with means of public transport, so that e.g. a taxi can drive the user home

Thanks for the great event !!!

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