Elderly people and people with a compromised immune system are some of the most vulnerable groups during the current COVID-19 pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), supporting the elderly community during this pandemic is everyone’s business, and providing support for older ones, their families and caregivers is an essential part of every country’s comprehensive response to this health crisis. During times of isolation and quarantine, older ones need safe access to nutritious food, basic supplies, medicine, and social services.


Our original idea was to create a digital application that connects those in need with volunteers who are willing to assist them. Our goal is to draw people’s attention to the needs of those who are most vulnerable in society and create a platform where people can meet those needs on a community level. While health authorities and local and national governments are busy addressing macro-issues, such as testing, enforcing social distancing, post-lockdown measures, and economic assistance, ordinary individuals can use this application to help neighbors in need, on a more personal level than might otherwise be possible.

What it does

We decided to keep the design simple, so we focused only on two specific user roles: the requester and the volunteer. The application consists of two simple user flow: submitting a request for help and responding to a request for help. In the future development, we plan to add some type of verification process, to ensure the validity of the requests that come in and to protect the integrity of personal data. We would also be interested in cooperating with other anti-crisis initiatives via an API.

How I built it

We have the web version developed with React and mobile version (iOS and Android) developed with React Native

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posted an update

I can't wait to share our prototype. We have such a big plan for the future, like having geolocation API and a smart system of the filtering of not valid requests and volunteers. By the way, my guys have already started working on localization for the web version. It might be not a bad idea to have Ukrainian version and start alpha version in Kyiv :)

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