hackathon travel planner - go hack yourself!

(see gohack on github)

What it does

Gohack is a web application, built in JS to alleviate the complications associated with planning travel for hackathons around the world. If you've ever tried to attend a hackathon abroad, then you will know that trying to juggle all the constraints in ones head can be difficult. Gohack provides a quick, clear view of hackathons that are approaching, and approximately how much it will cost to get there - and to top it off, we even forward you to skyscanner to book your flights!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • the relatively robust scraping of MLH and hackathon.com for hackathon information
  • the satisfying, responsive design; and eye-catching visuals
  • the practical applicability of the product

What's next for gohack

  • more filtering tools based on cost, distance, time constraints etc.
  • an alert system using twilio (for example) to prompt users about cheap flights opening up for a particular destination/time
  • an onboarding system to allow anyone to register their hackathon (which might not be on MLH, for example) with gohack
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