Inspiration: We were inspired by the fact that this is a women's hackathon that is promoting the advancement of women in tech.

What it does: This page displays basic content/ info about women in technology.

How we built it: We initially used a boilerplate and then switched over to a template and added all of our content and made sure everything fit properly.

Challenges we ran into: The main challenges we had were figuring out the layout of our site and making sure everything looked okay stylistically.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We're really happy we were able to create a functional enough website because we are all not well versed in programming.

What we learned: We learned the basics of creating a website (front-end).

What's next for gogetHer: Hopefully we can make it even more responsive and techie. We have a mobile first layout with break off points for each screen size, but maybe we can try something like flexbox next time.

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