We got the inspiration to tackle the Godrej Problem Statement because of our love and the shared nostalgia for how freebies, like "Tazos" with Cheetos, created a community around themselves. We were led by our passion to recreate that child-like wonder again, but better, and this opportunity provided us with the best way to do that.

What it does

The Go-FRO combines the excitement & novelty of wearables along with the engagement offered by Augmented Reality. The wearable not only acts as a host for the AR mascot/character but also as a brand token. Every wearable can host its own character, of the child's liking, which can be done through already existing brand tie-ins by seamlessly assimilating those characters into our app, or by also seeing this as an opportunity to create more brand deals and help boost sales. The mascot/ character will educate the children about the dangers they are avoiding by wearing the Fabric Roll on and instill good habits in them. Now, as an incentive for the mothers to download and use the app, we can view it in two ways, one, the children would want their parents to download the app because they want to see their favorite character. or, two, we offer discounts to mothers for more Godrej store products; the longer they use the app, the better the discounts they get.

How we built it

We used Unity3D fo building our app, utilizing the Vuforia SDK to enable image target triggered Augmented Reality. We used Gamification concepts to instill good habits into the children by adding mechanisms like "streaks", to give daily rewards for continual application of the product in form of unlocking features of their character. We also used our very own 3d model made and animated it using Blender.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some issues with unity Version mismatch which set us back a few hours. so, we started working in modules on only one laptop, where one person would work on the main functionality of the project and the other person would debug, fix and add the UI, UX elements on the application. We also faced problems implementing the streak system but successfully found a way to lock streaks with time- persistence in the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we worked in modules and got through the issue of having virtually only one working laptop.

What we learned

That we need to keep an open mind toward our ideas, to talk, interact with the mentors and pick up on what the drawbacks of the current prototype are and we can fix them. on a technical level, one of us learned how to implement multi-target interaction in Vuforia.

What's next for GoFro

In our vision, on a full scale, this app has the potential to be a community builder, to create a shared experience while continually advertising the products. We hope to base our app on the principle of consumers being the primary advertisers, thus saving the companies huge amounts in advertising and also providing new points of access to the companies products through the app.

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