Brazil is a under development country marked by large constrasts between social classes. Basically the rich and middle classes have better purchasing power while the poor class of people (much of the population) live in precarious conditions of health, housing and food. Brazil is also a country where there is much waste of various resources just because of the legislation, burocracy or simply lack of information.One of these resources is the food: farmers, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and even homes throws tons of foodout while millions go hungry.Technology MUST BE used to help people .The name of system : GoDo is not just acronym of Good Donations , is an order that all of us should follow , Go and Do something.The objective of this project is to create fast, agile, reliable and highly calable means of exchanging information, using google appengine to unite electronically those willing to donate with those interested to receive this donation.Besides, we use some world bank indicators associated with the donations to create a rewarding system. The idea behind this reward people commited to do their part in the MDG;

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