Since the beginning of the confinement of a large part of the population, the collective of students and teachers have found it necessary to radically change their way of interacting from a distance. The need to transform the way we teach was born.

What it does.

Share contents and experiences from the narrator´s visual perspective.

We are presenting a concept of distance learning by streaming. Teaching through the point of view of the teacher and the student. The streaming platform is closed, so the access is restricted in order to maintain the privacy of the interrelationship between the teacher and the student.

It is interesting when a teacher cannot meet in a group to give an explanation. For example, a clinical trial, a surgical operation, medical teaching visits in a hospital, drawing classes, etc.. Also to avoid compromising the environment in which you want to show an activity. We also thought about a case in a fine arts faculty. You can do a session from an artist's studio in real time. In class emotions must always be present when dealing with Technology. As a teacher, if you have to do an explanation and need to take elements from different places, it is good that the vision moves to those places.

How we built it.

The platform is built to run under android,ios systems. Compatble with google, amazon and ibm technologies.

Challengues we ran into.

Innovation in Education is a major Challenge. Thanks to our Streaming Platform we will help anyone to access to First-Hand Knowledge in Real Time.

We are now immersed in finishing the development of the streaming platform. Performing test runs, hosting the system under the domain:, and make the plafform secure.

Accomplishments that we are proud of.

Starting from a real need, to be able to put together a small multidisciplinary team with the aim of developing a response to that initial need, contributing the knowledge of each team member, and consolidating it into a project with great potential, in a short period of time.

What we learned.

The use of the tools made available to us to work in groups. Develop the ability to communicate efficiently and bring together all ideas, to achieve a common goal.

What´s next for GodiLive.

Ask teachers, students and other interested people to test the platform for feedback. We want to make the system known to as many people as possible in order to receive their opinions and thus improve the platform.

The futture in the world of teaching is coming, don't miss it. Share it.

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