This time's hackathon was about celebrating MLH's birthday and spreading happiness and love so I thought let's pick a name that represents the idea that birthdays aren't just about you but they're about contributing to the world. I believe the biggest thing a person can do on their birthday is helping the needy and the poor, provide them food or something that they need. In these uncertain times, millions have lost jobs and the poor have no one to look to, so if we could just help them by spreading the love and happiness by providing them what they need that would be awesome!

i did not write any code, but just put a domain name because i didnt know how to code ;-; Otherwise i would love to make a project on it

What it does

its a domain

How we built it

using GoDaddy

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

creating domains

What's next for GoDaddy Domain

Built With

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