We were brainstorming ideas of what problems were in our lives and we noticed a common problem that not only we have, but also many many other coders have. We chose this topic because most of us have had the problem where we need someone with a different skill set than ours to complete a CS project. We designed this website to help others find their ideal partner without any trouble.

What it does

First is the Homepage which include basic information on our web-app You can register and create profile or login if you already have an account, One cool feature is that your password is hashed before being stored in the database to prevent your password getting out if the database is breached, you also must provide a unique username to create an account Once in, you can view and edit your profile as well as remove your account To find a partner, you can browse through other people’s accounts using the search bar or filter to find people fit for you To learn more, you can visit their profile and you can also add them as a friend Once added, you can view all your partners and remove them if wanted Another cool feature is our projects page, you can post projects that you have either created with existing partners on this web-app, or projects that you have started but wish to complete with users on this web-app You can also view all projects or search for specific ones Once done you can log out

How I built it

  • Languages and Skills: Our website utilizes Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JS, along with the JQuery and Bootstrap libraries. The bulk of our website was designed using HTML, which was made visually appealing with the help of CSS and minimal use of Bootstrap. Also, we used JavaScript for some of the more advanced features of our website, such as when different login conditions will trigger different buttons to pop up on the website. That way, we were able to make our site more user-personalized.

Challenges I ran into

We used Visual Studio Code Live Share to work together. This itself came with several issues as flask would stop working every time there was an error meaning we had to reset the terminal a lot. We solved this by putting it in debug mode. Another recurring complication was sorting through the selected elements from a database and inputting them into the html file. This mainly stemmed from the fact that on the vscode live share, the python print function didn’t work, so we were unable to see the format of the data. To solve this we used a variety of methods. Mostly we experimented and thoroughly read the errors that occurred, adjusting and retrying many times. If the error proved persistent, we would occasionally open a new flask application, not in visual studio code live share (as print is available there) and run similar code. We could then figure out the format of the information received and edit the code in our web-app based on that. We used flask to manage the backend In the python document we used routes to go between different pages and SQLite databases to store and display information the information We transferred information from the html pages to the python backend using forms

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • search bar
  • easy navigation
  • clean design
  • the impact /solution /idea ## What I learned I learned the many different ways to design a website and how to connect front-end with back-end using Flask, databases, and other modern technologies. I ## What's next for God Squad Since we had a time constraint on this project, we decided to add some of the most important features first. However, there are many features we plan on implementing in the future. For example, we want to eventually extend our website to pertain to all professions and not just CS. Even within CS, we want to appeal to more people by providing partners for hackathons and other competitions. We also want to convert our site into a mobile app and make our site more responsive for mobile phones.
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