As an avid tennis player who frequently visits the courts to practice, there were many times where I drove to the courts and found out that all the courts were taken. During these times, I've had to wait in line for a long time and have even come home not being able to play. This led to my idea of showing court availability.

What it does

GoCourt shows users the current number of available courts by using sensors on the courts. If the sensors detect human movement for more than a minute and a half, this signal will be passed to the app and updated. This is crucial information for planning trips to the courts. GoCourt also has other features including connecting with other players, coaches, and finding music to listen to during practice.

How I built it

This is a prototype that was built using swift and storyboards on Xcode.

What I learned

Through this project, I learned more about using swift. Previously, I had a basic knowledge of using swift to build apps.

What's next for GoCourts

Currently, GoCourts is a prototype and doesn't have full functionality. In the future, GoCourts will be able to incorporate these features and be an app users can use for their next trip to the courts.

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