gocod3 is a web site created aimed at helping application developers to connect with each other comfortably and securely. in addition to a place of relation, gocod3 can also help developers to discuss each other. In gocod3 devepoer can also do meetup together by determining the time and place that has been made before it. so join gocod3 and get useful knowledge !

What it does


in gocod3 we can be more creative because many other developers share knowledge and information. WE'RE FRIENDLY

inside gocod3 we are all friends and fellow friends must complement each other. gocod3 also does not look at the ability of a developer because digocod3 all learn and exchange knowledge WE LOVE STUDENTS

in gocod3 we are very happy if there are students who join with us. with the students who join with us then there will be many ideas that arise from the learner it all.

How we built it

we built with html 5,css3,php,javascript,mysql.

Challenges we ran into

we are difficulties in some ways. namely lack of experience and time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

got three great best ideas on hackday malang,indonesia.

What we learned

we learn about many things about web programming from html, css,php, mysql, to hosting

What's next for

then for gocod3 that we will make gocod3 become startup which go forward and expand

Built With

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