Our inspiration came from seeing so much food being thrown away in community and restaurant dumpsters. A lot of that food was still edible, but just leftovers, or products that could not be sold. This is because people or businesses are throwing away food without caring much about it. All of this food thrown away would go to landfills and could cause biological hazards, along with air, water, and land pollution, which affects people and animals in the areas around. At the same time, there are people who are struggling to find money to buy food to feed themselves and their families.

What it does

This is an app which will connect business or normal people to other people in need of food, typically though nonprofits. Anyone can sign up on this app, then put in their product details, like the type of food, and how much of the food they have. They will then be matched with another person, who wants to receive the products. These receivers would be nonprofits or people who are in need of food, who can also easily sign up on our app and request some of the products after giving some information. A delivery person will come pick up the products from the donators, and deliver it directly to the receivers as soon as possible.

How we built it

This is a simple app, and to be built, it would require functionality of 2 sides of the app, which are the the donator’s side and the receiver’s side. The donator’s side would need to have fields to input the product information and ensure the quality or safety of the product. The receiver’s side would need input fields to enter their requirements of the food, and verify that they are in need of the food. The app must be built so that the receiver’s side and the donator’s side is connected, so it can match the two together.

Challenges we ran into

We faced the challenge of figuring out how the food could be safe for the receiver to eat. To verify that the food is safe to eat, we made checkpoints where the donator must take a picture and input many details. The receiver would also be prompted to look at the food before eating it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of being able to create a project in such little time and only 2 people on the team. We were able to work together in a team and help each other create and critique the project to see what can be improved before submission.

What we learned

We learned a lot of teamwork skills, positive communication, and technical skills, like creating a pitch deck and the UI. This will help us a lot in working together to create projects together in the future too.

What's next for Team Otters - Food-ForAll

We aim for the application in the future to be used for both lessening food waste and improving the quality of lives of people. We plan that the application will go worldwide, and people can donate and receive food from anywhere they are.

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