Our goal was to create a system that could improve both a shopper's experience and a business's profit margin. People waste millions of hours every year waiting in supermarket lines and businesses need to spend a significant amount of money on upkeep, staffing, and real estate for checkout lines and stations.

What it does

Our mobile app, web app, and anti-theft system provide an easy, straightforward platform for businesses to incorporate our technology and for consumers to use it.

How we built it

We used RFID technology and bluetooth in conjunction with an Arduino Mega board for most of the core functions. A long-range RFID reader and controller was used for the anti-theft system. A multi-colored LED, buzzer, and speaker were used for supplementary functions.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges related to the connections between the three mostly self-sufficient systems, especially from the anti-theft system. It took a long time to get the security system working using a macro script.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

We each focused on one specific area of the app and because all of the subsystems of the project were reliant on one another, we had to spend a large amount of time communicating with each other and ensuring that all of the components worked together.

What's next for GoCart

While our project serves as a proof of concept for the technology and showcases its potential impact, with a slightly higher budget and thus access to stronger technologies, we believe this technology can have a real commercial impact on the shopping industry. More specifically, by improving the range of the rfid readers and accuracy of product detection, we would be able increase the reliability of the antitheft system and the ease of use for shoppers. From a hardware standpoint, the readers on the carts need be much more compact and discreet.

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