As a Dallasite, I see the growing problem homelessness has become. Homeless people are not that aware of the help, but the help is aware.

What it does

It allows everyday people, commuters, sponsors, social workers, etc to be able to connect homeless people with the care they need

How I built it

We used html, css ajax, json, android, google-apis, jquery, react to make a website that shows where homeless people are based on the input of Dallasites on our mobile app. This data is shared with shelters, hospitals, or anybody that wants to extend a hand to our less fortunate Dallasites.

Challenges I ran into

making the app, learning react, connecting information, creating a server,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

learned how to use react, how to make an app, was able to put simple concepts together to have a big impact on someone's life

What I learned

react, andoroid

What's next for GoCare

iOS app, maybe some funding to spread the word, gather sponsors or charities to help and get people that want to help access to this data

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