Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. As the country became more urban and family members began to live farther apart, Thanksgiving is a time to gather together. But not everyone is fortunate enough to still have a family to share a meal with, or even afford a meal at all, especially in these tough economic times.

What it does

Gobble is a platform that connects people giving out free meals and people who needs them, so that we can make someone's day, lend a helping hand, and make the world a better place. Users use google sign in to create a unique account and user ID. That ID and all pertinent data is stored onto Firebase. Users can then meals that other people are offering by pulling from the database. Users can then ask to come by clicking I want to come button, or make a new post to offer a meal themselves. While the feed shows all the posts made to the app, the integrated map only shows meals in your area (I set it to county), as well as you current location(via built in gps and reverse geocoding). If you click on a marker, it will show the fastest route from your current location to the marker (traffic data is integrated into this route)

How we built it

Android studio, Firebase, Kotlin and Google Cloud products(Maps, Directions, Geocoding, Places)

Challenges I ran into

Trying to fit everything in a very short amount of coding time. Using Firebase and google log in is always a challenge. Getting used to fragments, models, recyclerview, adapters, etc. They are definitly more advanced than what we were used to and was the first time we’ve ever used it. Luckiliy the Google mentors were very helpful, and Ali helped a lot teaching me how to use fragments and recyclerview.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have built a functioning app, with most of the features that we had originally planned for. The UI is very clean, though could be better if we had more time.

What I learned

How to use RecyclerView, fragments, models, adapters, Firebase and google log in. How much you can learn from awesome teammates.

What's next for Gift

The algorithm implemented in the demo video the random. We do want to learn ML and improve the algorithm instead of randomly generating the winner. We also want to expand the UI, and make it more user friendly.

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