Global Family Call

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1) Product is still being developed. 2) We could use Microsoft 365 API to create all the contacts of the family or the group. 3) Family or the group can be immediate family or neighborhood or community or entire world and best will be United Nations including representatives from all nations in this world. 4) Store the musics of all countries/nations/peace keeping nations in Microsoft Azure data base. 5) All the music stored in Microsoft player database. Use Microsoft Graph to display the happiness index and peace index of all countries. 6) With one touch call all nations and play/stream the music on the Global Big TV. 7) We could use Microsoft 365 API and also note API to store the script of all music and stream the script and the music so that people around the world can view/play,talk,dance and sing. 8) Like how the space station is shared by all nations, Global innovation channel will be shared by all nations and every country gets to innovate and share and no need to worry about the patents since the Global innovation channel is for creating global peace. 9) All devices should be given / donated to every one in the world by big companies who have super cool devices so that every nation/ individual gets to speak and hear in front of the global community and will be responsible for global peace and harmony. 10) link

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